Weekly Update for 2020 Week 3 Show Notes

Welcome back to the simple cyber defense podcast. Today is January 18 2020. This week biggest news was the end of support for Windows seven. Windows seven was released in July 22 2009. And all support has ended for the software in January 14 of 2020. So many people are asking, what can we do since Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting or sending out security updates to this OS anymore? So what does this mean for the average user? This means that Windows seven is now becoming a security risk. The longer you use it, the more open you are to attacks and viruses and other security risks. So the biggest thing to do Here is to get off of windows seven, if it is all feasible. The main reason why people has stuck around with Windows seven for so long is they do not like Windows 10. But because the support is ended, it is very critical to get off the OS. So there are three major things that you can do here, you have the choice of either upgrading windows seven to Windows 10 or to install a Linux based operating system. Or the third option, which is not very recommended is to just stick with Windows seven even with all the security risks. So let's discuss the first option. There's many talks around the internet about how to upgrade windows seven windows 10. Some people say that you need to pay for the upgrade while others say that you can still freely do it. I'll provide links in the show notes, the show You how to upgrade for free because it appears that Microsoft has not stopped any attempts to freely update the windows 10. So the next option is to to install a Linux based operating system. A lot of people are saying how Linux is very difficult to use and difficult to install. But that's not the case anymore. When it first came out, yes, it was very difficult for people to use, but because of many support from the communities and many different addresses for Linux popping up, there is some that are easy to use and some that are very difficult. If you keep an eye out on the YouTube channel, I will be posting a tutorial of how to upgrade windows seven to some of more popular and easier to use operating systems like a boon to and Linux MX. So that leads us to the third option to just stick with Windows seven even with all the security problems that will occur from the end of sport. Again, this is not recommend, but if you want to risk it and not upgrade or change operating systems, then really the only options you have are to first install a a antivirus. There are many different avenue viruses out there. And if you review the malware series, you will see some of the more popular antiviruses software out there is just a matter of choosing one and installing it on the windows seven machine The next step is to not install any other operating system software. The more software you install on Windows seven, the more vulnerable you become. Because some may have vulnerabilities that will make windows seven even more susceptible to security flaws. And it is vital that you don't introduce anything else to it. So, right now whatever operating system software you have on there is what you're going to stick with for the rest of the life of the computer. This will ensure that no new flaws get introduced. And it is vital to keep those software you have up to date as long as possible.

Just be careful about what websites you go to. Some websites will have vulnerabilities that will exploit windows seven. And some will be perfectly fine to go to it just using this matter of using the best judgment as discussed in the malware series, try to avoid sites that offer illegal things like free downloads of paid software or free movies for downloads, and just stick to legitimate sources. And if you think about the many different ransomware viruses out there, they're mostly done through email attachments. So again, be very careful about which email attachments you open because some of them will exploit windows seven vulnerabilities. So keeping all this in mind And, again, this is a big risk keeping with Windows seven. But if you decide to do so, I think following these few steps will keep you safer than not doing it at all. My biggest personal opinion is to either upgrade to Windows 10 or to try a Linux based operating system. All of the links that we discussed will be shown in the show notes. And again, keep an eye out on the YouTube channel because I will be posting full tutorials of how to upgrade windows seven too many different Linux operating systems. Don't panic and hopefully we'll see you in the next episode.

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Upgrade to Windows 10 free: https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade

How to use Windows 7 safely after support ends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHGpI755OI4